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Faculty Approves No-Confidence Motion!

Statement of Harvard Students for Larry Regarding March 15 Faculty Meeting

Harvard Students for Larry is extremely disappointed with the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences in approving both measures at this evening’s faculty meeting.  This demonstrates a complete rejection of the major tenets of academic freedom and wholesale disregard for the opinion of the student body they instruct.  Just under 600 members of the Harvard student community have signed an editorial agreeing President Summers should not be penalized in such a manner.  Over 800 other members of the Harvard community, including alumni, have signed similar statements online advocating on President Summers’ behalf.  Members of the faculty clearly decided to move on their own dislike of President Summers and have capitalized on the situation in an attempt to further damage his presidency.  We as Harvard students are extremely disappointed with many of our professors tonight.  Students for Larry still has great confidence in President Summers and looks forward to his strong, continuing leadership at our university.

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